Rant of the Purple Monster

“You see, it’s not that easy to convince a large collection of humans that their demise is going to benefit the rest of the world. Look at how successful the Russians were, look at how successful the Nazis were. No one will go willingly to their deaths, there will always be those who fight back, and they can stir up a pretty big furore. It’s really troublesome to go clean up the mess. I hate dealing with the public relations when it comes to that. Can you imagine, having to convince seven billion, yes BILLION people of the necessity of their deaths. Just try to do something even remotely unpopular for a start, maybe go campaign for universal healthcare or common sense gun laws or something, and see how quickly your mailbox fills up.

But it has to be done, either way, someone has to step up to do it. Someone with the drive, with the conviction, with the balls has to take charge, if not we’ll all die, forever. And that means nothing comes after us. And no one wants that. We all want children right? We all wish for progeny, to carry on our name and our likeness? It’s the same thing on a universal scale – the universe wants, no needs continuity. At least in my way the universe would have a second chance, an opportunity to grow again. Surely that is preferable to having existence cut short for the rest of eternity. You now see why this is inevitable, why I am inevitable? But it is not me that is inevitable, it is the event that we cannot run away from, for the initiator could have been anyone of us, he can appear anytime, anywhere, the only certainty we know is that he will appear sooner or later, so why not here and now?

You all do realise that you will not feel a thing at all, right? It will be over in a poof. There is no afterlife, not like what your bishops and your priests tell you. We are all just atoms – made out of finely ground stardust, and destined to return to that state eventually. You think there’s a soul, there’s an animus? Not really. Your consciousness just ceases to exist as your brain stops functioning. You won’t even feel it, it’ll be like falling asleep, heck, it’ll be like blinking, over in a flash. Life passes in a second, eternity in an hour. No rebirth, no Heaven nor Hell, just, nothingness. It is really quite alright and nothing to be scared about, you will not have the time to complain about the experience.

So, guys, be a good sport, and don’t make this harder than it already is. The greatest burdens lie with those charged with responsibilities. I take all the guilt and the sin for wiping out the entire universe. It is a burden only I will hold. In a sense that is good for you, for you all can die peacefully. Or would you rather be eliminated in pain? I guessed not; all that matters is going out with that clarity of purpose – that’s why you leave your grandparents neglected until their deathbed when you spout all that nonsense about how much you mean to them, right? So now too, we go out full well knowing our purpose: that even as we die now, today, some universe will live on tomorrow. And hopefully, just maybe, the echoes of our sacrifice, will carry on into eternity.”

“Ahem…” the emcee gave a nervous laugh “Alright, thank you, Mr. Thanos, for that enlightening speech. Our next speaker at this year’s World Economic Forum, founder of Ali Baba Group, Mr Jack Ma, will be on stage soon.”

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